The 2012 Project, A Novel

29 Mar

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Book Summary:

The 2012 Project is the story of Tonemcadu, an official in the court of the pharaoh Akhenaton mummified 3,500 years ago by a unique process that will awaken him during the pivotal year of 2012 for a mission to the Great Pyramid that can save millions of lives.

After learning to communicate with the two Chicago Museum archeologists who see him awaken and secretly care for him in their home, he leaves on his own and embarks on a journey to Egypt that will require all of his extraordinary skill, ancient wisdom, and physical strength to justify the trust the pharaoh placed in him. During his journey, Tonemcadu teaches as much as he learns and discovers that the one constant that has not changed throughout the centuries is love.

The reader will enjoy many startling plot twists in this fast-paced novel that weaves together little known facts about Ancient Egypt with a look at today’s society from the perspective of an exceptionally wise man from a very different world.


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