How to Write a Christian Devotional

03 Apr

“A devotional is a short piece of writing that normally contains a passage from the Bible that is illustrated by a real life experience and a prayer.”

Many Christians start the day with a Bible reading and a devotional. A devotional is a simple message that is normally a page or less and contains a Bible verse, a simple story that pertains to the verse and a prayer or thought for the day. They are designed to inspire and guide Christians in their daily lives.

Steps to Writing a Devotional
Christian devotionals follow a basic format that can be adapted according to the publication they are destined for. Here is a guide to writing a devotional:

    1. Start by quoting the Bible verse the devotional is based on
    2. Relate the Bible verse to modern-day living by relaying an anecdote that shows the meaning of the Scripture
    3. Write the story in a conversational manner that draws the reader in and captures interest
    4. Focus on one point that you want to convey to the reader
    5. Write in a simple fashion and avoid preachy overtones. A devotional should resemble a chat between friends
    6. Conclude with a short prayer that summarizes the message of the devotional
    7. Choose a title that reflects the theme and attracts interest

Who Can Write Christian Devotionals
Devotional writers need to have writing ability, a close relationship with God and an inquiring mind that can apply the Bible to daily life. These qualities are normally found in those who read the Bible regularly, pray frequently and ask God for inspiration.

Devotional writing is a fulfilling form of writing that can inspire and add value to other people’s lives.

Where are Devotionals Published
Devotionals are published in several forms including hard or soft cover books, booklets or online. They may be formatted to last a year, a quarter, a month or a day. Each publisher has their own guidelines and may supply the scriptures or themes to be written about. Some of these such as The Upper Room and Judson Press invite people to submit their work for consideration.

There are many markets for devotional writing – some paying and others not. These range from weekly church bulletins to large publishing houses that put out a variety of titles. It may be helpful to start with non-paying markets as it gives experience and published clips to show to future editors.

Christian devotionals are an established form of writing with set structures according to the publisher. Christian writers with a good understanding of the Bible and practical knowledge of the Christian life should find it easy to put together a devotional. While some markets do not pay, devotional writing can be an inspiring form of writing and may lead to greater opportunities in the future.

Author: Debbie Roome


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