Tips for Unpublished Christian Romance Writers

16 Apr

by Laura Briggs

The market for Christian and inspirational romance novels is booming. Breaking into the Christian and inspirational romance writing world is hard these days, with so many big publishing houses refusing to look at the work of unagented, unpublished authors. However, it is still possible for a dedicated and patient writer to make their mark in the Christian fiction market. Here are some tips for those interested in selling their Christian romance novel.

Follow Blogs For Christian Agents and Authors
Thanks to the internet, Christian romance writers have a seemingly endless amount of helpful information right at their fingertips. It is not uncommon for literary agents and successful authors to have their own blogs and websites, where they post insider tips and secrets for those looking to be published. Aspiring writers can gain valuable insight from a professional’s opinion on such topics as query letters, opening hooks, characterization and conflict.

Enter Contests With Inspirational Romance Categories
Contests that offer critiques of the author’s work by literary agents and editors are a great way for the beginning writer to groom their manuscript for submission. These contests will often run between $25 and $35, but are well worth the fee when detailed feedback is given.

One really good place on the web for Christian writers to find the latest news on contests is Seekerville. Run by several different Christian authors, this website is loaded with helpful writing tips as well as monthly posts on upcoming contests.

Join Writer Groups and Forums
Making friends with other writers, both published and unpublished, is often a good decision for the aspiring author. There are many good Christian writer groups and forums out there, so it may take quite a bit of internet research to make one’s choice.

An organization that remains a favorite for many Christian romance authors is the well-known American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). The ACFW has a very active community of writers and is also the host of the Genesis contest for unpublished writers.

Submit Work to Small Companies
Besides researching the above suggestions, struggling Christian fiction authors should check out the internet and the Writer’s Market Guide for any suitable companies willing to look at their type of manuscript. After all, there are still many well-respected publishing companies that review the work of unpublished Christian romance authors. This includes such places as Harlequin’s Steeple Hill line, Barbour Books, and White Rose Publishing. All three of these companies have posted detailed submission guidelines on their websites. Ellechor Publishing House is also a good company to check out.


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