3 Reasons to Optimize Your Author Profile with Amazon Author Central

05 Jun

Are you using Amazon Author Central? If not, it’s time to get on board! It’s an excellent author-friendly tool that can be used to promote your book and your platform that only takes minutes to setup. If you have more than one book, it’s a central location where an Amazon shopper can find your entire bibliography in one place. How’s that for an easy way to cross-promote your work?

Reason #1: Reach More Readers
Amazon Author Central allows authors to create a custom profile that customers then use to learn about the author and make purchases. You are also able to write a message directly to your readers using Author Central. The content you can place on your Author Central page includes:

1. A bio — Tell readers a little bit about yourself so they’ll connect with you as a person.

2. Photos  — Include your author photo and any other images your readers may like to see, perhaps your workspace or things that inspired your writing.

3. Video — Want to get that trailer up on Amazon? Uploading it here only takes a few minutes!

4. Events  — Want to drive traffic to your speaking engagements and readings? Advert them here.

5. Blog feed — Linking your blog to your Author Central page is just another way to grow your list of blog followers and give readers more of what they want: a connection to you as an author!

6. Twitter feed — Extend your social media outreach even further by displaying your tweets on your author page.


Reason #2: Track Your Sales
Recently, Author Central began providing weekly sales data from Nielsen BookScan (a service that tracks sales of print books in stores across the country) for free to authors who sell their books on Amazon. You can view your sales data in a variety of ways. Amazon gives you a basic total from BookScan and shows how many units more or less you sold compared with the previous week. They also visually display your most recent four to eight weeks of sales data on a map of the United States. Alongside that display you will find a list of geographic areas from New York to Los Angeles and the number of books you sold in each.

Access to BookScan data can help you determine whether your publicity efforts are paying off, and tells you what markets you have the most demand in so you can amp up your promotion accordingly.

Finally, for those who like to keep tabs on their Amazon sales rank, the sales data tab displays a line graph of your book’s sales rank history on Amazon and tells you what your current rank is. As with all sales rankings on Amazon, the data is updated hourly.

Reason #3: Get Help
You can also use Author Central to modify the description of your book listing on Amazon, get information on unexpected price reductions and learn more ways to optimize your profile.

We encourage all authors to create an Amazon Author Central page. Even William Shakespeare has an Author Central page. It has to be cool.


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