Authorpreneurship Unleashed, Part 1: How I Became An Entrepreneur

19 Nov

Some writers lead with the product, a manuscript or two, that they decide to monetize by finding or hiring a publisher. They may or may not plan for the extensive work to follow, but to stay in any industry one must either dig deep or go home.

I have always been an avid reader and a writer, but when I considered life in publishing after reading a particularly terrible book, I decided to monetize my skills as a Publisher instead. While I loved writing, reading, and learning about authorship, I was much more confident in my organization and project management skills. As an Entrepreneur, I quickly determined that my first priority was to “do publishing right”, whatever that meant. I found my team of professionals, put together our business plan, created an awesome website and we found our first authors. I was ready to go, and this was the perfect timing because my life was stable enough to support a business… or so I thought!

We waited a year before starting to release any books, hoping to get a good head start on the process, vet the appropriate processes and contractors, and have time to edit, re-edit and proof everything. The best laid plans don’t factor in real life. I ended up with severe pre-eclampsia in the hospital just six months into my first pregnancy and four months before our first three books launched. This was where having a reliable Super Group paid off. With me out of commission, my team carried on to launch our first books and manage our preparation for the next season of book releases. I was now officially and Entrepreneur with products available to the public!

Going through the early years of the business had its ups and downs, but in the end to me it paid off. I learned a lot, continue to learn, and am always seeking ways to share with others. As my author list grew, however, I quickly discovered that authors did not just need their books published. While that is their goal, the true necessary tool for EVERY author is knowledge. Knowledge about the publishing process, the industry, and how to navigate those confusing waters.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on How I Became An Author

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